liberty carbon harness

Liberty Carbon Harness
Liberty Carbon Harness
Liberty Carbon Harness
Liberty Carbon Harness

We present the Liberty Carbon Harness

Liberty Carbon Harness is the revolution among harnesses. It was developed for several years to create the perfect combination of waist and seat harness. In the end, the solution is ingenious and simple at the same time. The base of the harness is a carbon plate, which provides additional support at the bottom. The lower part goes over the butt and its shape allows not having to use straps around the legs to secure the harness. In this way, the Liberty harness can be used in a new position between a waist harness and a seat harness, without the disadvantages of a seat harness. The hook is attached with two additional straps to sit low.

Overall, these are the advantages of the Liberty Carbon harness:

-perfect positioning between waist and seat harness
-no straps around the legs to fix the harness
– the harness does not move upwards like a waist harness
– the fixed hook allows for better power distribution
– the extra power generates more speed
– the lower position puts less strain on the back
– overall improved performance

These advantages are unmatched in today’s windsurfing industry. That’s why the leading iQ and PWA riders use it to take their performance to the next level.

It’s important to note that the sizes are specific. For most riders, size S is the way to go. Always choose a smaller size than you would normally take. The Liberty Carbon Harness was designed in Japan, so the sizing information differs from European standards.



€ 349

Body size150 - 160160 - 175175 - 190190 - 195195cm +
Body weight45 - 5555 - 7575 - 9090 - 100100kg +


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