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Hydrofoiling has captivated water sports enthusiasts worldwide with its thrilling blend of speed and grace. Whether you’re into windsurfing, kiteboarding or wing foiling, hydrofoiling allows you to glide effortlessly above the water’s surface, providing an unparalleled sense of freedom. However, mastering the art of hydrofoiling is no easy feat, as it demands precision and control.

The Importance of Angle of Attack

One of the critical factors in hydrofoiling is the angle of attack, which determines the foil’s performance. Achieving the optimal angle of attack between front and back wings as well as foil mast angle is essential for stability, control, and overall enjoyment. Traditionally, foilers have relied on their intuition and experience to gauge this crucial parameter, leading to inconsistent results and a steep learning curve.

Enter the Future Fly Foil Master Kit

The Future Fly Foil Master Kit is developed by a team of passionate foilers and engineers, this device offers a precise and user-friendly solution for measuring the angle of attack in real-time. Let’s delve into the key features that make the Fly Foil Master Kit a must-have for hydrofoil enthusiasts:

1. **Real-time Feedback:** The Future Fly Foil Master Kit provides instantaneous feedback on the angle of attack, allowing foilers to make adjustments on the beach and find the sweet spot for optimal performance.

2. **User-friendly Interface:** With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, even beginners can quickly grasp the essentials of adjusting their foil’s angle of attack.

3. **Versatility:** This kit is designed to measure wide range of wing sizes ,making it suitable for a wide range of water sports, including windsurfing, kiteboaring windfoiling.

4. **Enhanced Safety:** By helping riders maintain a stable angle of attack, the Future Fly Foil Master Kit reduces the risk of wipeouts and injuries, making hydrofoiling a safer and more accessible sport.

5. **Performance Optimization:** Foilers can fine-tune their foil’s setup to excel in different wind and water conditions, unlocking their full potential on the water.

What does the Future Fly master kit includes –
1. ** 2x adjustable custom made wing calipers
1x for the front wing and 1x for the stabilizer wing
2.** Electronic angle measurer
3.** box of foil mast shims from 0.5mm to 5mm
(The mast angle shims are made from full abs marital to prevent being squeezed over time )

Shaping the Future of Hydrofoiling

The Future Fly Foil Master Kit is addressing the critical issue of angle of attack measurement, it has not only improved the safety and accessibility of foiling but has also opened up new horizons for performance.


€ 189


Enhance your foil experience with Future Fly foil box shims, meticulously crafted from durable ABS for lasting performance and precision. We recommend for SHORT shims to maintain foil box strength
each set includes 2x of 0.5mm, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm for customizable mast angle tuning.


€ 47


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