When the experience, talent and style of Taty Frans meet the explosive, innovative and insane champion Amado Vrieswijk, fireworks are starting!

The Tamado board is the results of the testing and hard work of this legendary team with only one mission:

Creating the best FreeStyle board ever known to the windsurfing world.

Clean outline and round nose. Progressive thickness powerful tail to thinner fast nose. Longer straight rocker for planing and speed combined with perfect numbers of V and concaves on the bottom. This board spins in the air extremely fast due to the flow and accuracy of the shape. 

TAMADO – It will blow your mind!

BoardVolume (liters)Width (cm)Length (cm)Weight (kg)Provided finFin boxSail sizes
Tamado 919161216TBCFFS 19cmPowerbox3.5 - 5.5
Tamado 10110163216TBCFFS 20cmPowerbox4.0 - 6.0

Construction: Madness flex