Future Fly is proud to present the all-new series of Yellow Fish and Abu Fish wave boards.

The development time of the new series took more than 8 months in which the boards were tested in a wide variety of location and conditions
The boards were tested by our international team, but also by different riders of different levels

The significant emphasis in the development was a particularly radical turning ability, one could say infinite, while maintaining excellent speed, comfortable and easy ride, and a quick planning ability. The speed enables this boards to accel in any type of conditions, and the limitless turnability will take rider anywhere he wishes to go in small and large surf in on, side and off shore conditions


Very special attention and countless hours were dedicated to designing perfect rails, taken from radical surfboards, combined with smooth out lines and a rocker that would allow the desired result
The bottom shape of the boards has been designed and tested time and time again in a flow program, to enable perfect transitions nose to tail


The bottom shape starts with Double concave/v in the nose going into single concave and into V shape at the tail
The water is compressed through the nose, accelerates in the middle of the board and is thrown out at the back and sides of the tail. The key is that the shape transitions occur from precise locations on the bottom.
The result is a board that simply raises the level of the rider, fits like a glove on the feet and allows the rider to reach rail to rail riding and perform any move and jump with tremendous speed and control.
The outline is relatively round nose to tail. Tail goes narrow using clean wingers allowing the boards to turn even harder. Rocker line is at medium hight for a wave board, speed and early planning come from perfect bottom configuration.



FF boards are built from the highest quality materials available on the market today. From Italy to Switzerland, we carefully select the carbon and PVC Airex (the hard foam that is glued/vacuumed to the board with carbon and glass fabrics).


Three PVC ‘’Airex’’ stringers at the bottom which keep the board from deforming, twisting and of course cracking or breaking.
PVC ‘’Airex’’ Stringer reinforcement under foot straps area preventing softness under the heels.
Double sandwich reinforcements under pad and other stressed areas.
Board is fully wrapped with 5mm PVC ‘’Airex’’ bottom sandwich and 3mm PVC ‘’Airex’’
Rock shock double foot pad lay up 4+8mm for max comfort and security.
Strength to flex ratio- fabric layup gives the board strength on the one hand and on the other hand flexibility suitable for a sailor who must perform smoothly and comfortably on the wave.


The quality of the finish is simply outstanding. The FF board is incredibly precise and clean, one could see and feel it from the moment he saw it.


5x Slot Box – Quad or Thruster option
Fins provided -Quad set – high quality Carbon Zulu fins made for FF at FF factory


The father of all wave boards

An amazing wave board for light conditions or a heavy sailor.

Abu(father) fish is a board that will amaze the rider with its turning ability, while floating in extremely weak wind conditions and still able to control and comfort even in strong winds.

One will not find a board of this width that will turn at such a level! Extremely strong performance can be reached without limitation. The width allows easy and smooth passage of waves, the round rails allow riding waves in all styles – pressing the back leg or the laying of the body/sail forward and using the entire length of the rail.

Super-fast planning and soft and comfortable gliding. Option for one large Free Wave fin or thruster.

The board is defined as a “big wave board” not as fast as a classic free wave, however, one can really enjoy it as a bump and jump board using external foot strap positions making this board pure fun for any level rider and any sailing conditions


Middle fin power box with 2x slot box side fins.
Thruster or single fin option.
Fins provided – High quality Zulu made for FF wave carbon thruster.
Option to add a high-end FF carbon Free Wave fin.

BoardVolume (liters)Width (cm)Length (cm)Weight (kg)Provided finsFin sizesFin boxSail sizes
Yellow Fish 777756.52186.2 (+-3%)FF carbon quad set15cm Back / 9cm front5x Slot Boxes 3.3 - 5.0
Yellow Fish 8787582186.5 (+-3%)FF carbon quad set15cm Back 9cm front 5x Slot boxes
4.0 - 5.8
Yellow Fish 9797602186.8 (+-3%)FF carbon quad set16cm Back 9cm front 5x Slot boxes
4.5 - 6.5
ABU Fish 10510565228TBCFF carbon thruster set23cm / 2x11cm Powerbox / 2 x slotbox4.5 - 6.5

Zulu South Africa made for FF quad set.