In the world of wave sailing, we test the limits of many variables – curving, power, speed, flow, control, grip, spin and in-air balance.

The FutureFly R&D team had the task of mixing these variables and turning them into one work of art.

We tested the limits of board-length, going for shorter compact-boards, while matching the correct rocker-lines, bottom-shape, and rails to achieve a superb all-around line of classic clean wave boards. These boards will take the rider to new levels in small and large surf, feel like a skateboard in the air, accelerate through new school tricks and absolutely ruthless while riding the wave

Future Fly Presents 

The Yellow Fish 


The Storm rider

Take it to the max and more and this board will be one step ahead showing you the way.

Compact and super comfy in the air, the 77L will take you quickly through spins and help your control.

Classic clean outline allows tight turns with no limits this board will drive riders to the lip with ease and comfort.

Be the rider you were born to be!


Go for range

Always shines in any wind and wave conditions, this board will excite you every time.

Lots of speed and drive, accurate smooth bottom turns due to perfectly shaped rails.

Relatively low rocker, and lots of carve on the rails due to unique bottom shape, helps this board fly through the sections and turn like a dream.

Beautiful classic outline kept on a compact and short board.

Fantastic in the air the 87L will take you to the moon and back!


Light wind assassin 

Warning! Make no mistake, this board is a wave killer.

Floaty and very fast yet curving like crazy.

Works perfectly with back foot and front foot bottom turn style.

It will take you out of the break with ease when the wind is light, yet with a change of sail when the wind starts pumping, this board will not fall behind a smaller board when it comes to turns.

A big board which is Still compact and awesome in the air.

The 97L is an assassin!

* All yellow fish boards are provided with Zulu South Africa carbon quad set made for Future Fly


Zulu South Africa made for FF quad set.