yalla 222

yalla 222


Future Fly is very proud to present the yalla windsurfing / hybrid beginner board!
The Yalla allows the beginner sailor to enter the windsurfing world in a comfortable, fast, and safe way.
In addition, and for the first time, this board also welcomes sailors to start experimenting and succeed in foil surfing at a very early stage and after just a few attempts.
Finally, the board is also perfect for first steps of winging where sailors can learn how to navigate and understand wind directions and technique, providing easy balance and safety.
The board was developed, tested, and approved by our professional team, including Arnon Dagan and Tati Frans, who is a professional windsurfer and the owner of the very active Frans Paradise wind and wing surfing school. In addition, the board was tested by beginner sailors, youth, and adults. who took their first step on the board with a fin and a foil.
The success was impressive and exciting. Construction The Yaala is a slightly shorter board than windsurfers for beginners, but the development team made sure to maintain straight out lines to keep the upwind capabilities and the comfort of turning. The board is featuring tail cut outs which help the sailor go on the foil and are used both as angle of attack for foiling, as well as pressure release for fin sailors for a better glide. The board is designed as a medium beginner board fitting for beginners between 15 to 90 KG The board is equipped with a daggerboard, a deep tuttle fin box, a 38cm fin, 2x track slots which allow the mounting of a foil. It is covered with a full EVA deck pad for maximum comfort The board is made simple and very strong designed for long lasting, while still looking clean and attractive




Bottom – full sandwich glass PVC. Deck – full sandwich glass ABS

260m Long, 95m Wide, 222 Liters volume:

White and blue with full deck pad coloured blue Weight 13.5 KG 5%-+