Free Bird 135

Free Bird 135


The Shapes – Clean and classic shapes combined with new age modern features is the best way to describe these boards.

Round outline, classic round nose and progressive constant rocker line.

Thin rails, and flattish deck. Clean V bottom shape.

Boards are relatively short and compact compared to other Free Ride boards.

3 food strap possibilities – out, middle and in between.

Performance – Super early planning and incredible jibing ability. Possibility to ride the board flat and easy or go to outside straps, get great speed and push the board on rail.

Faltish deck shape between straps helps comfort during jibes and when using the foil option.

Fins  Future Fly FFR line   – Revolutionary fin design combining high end-racing profile with beautiful carved outline and stiffness, creating comfort,control, fantastic jibes and fun cruising speed.

Foil- All sizes equipped with foil boxes.

Construction– The Free Bird boards come in 2 construction – Elite and Elite Flex both high end PVC sandwich construction.

Future fly superior construction and accuracy will ensure the ride is unforgettable!

Conclusion – Get your first planing experience with the 135L, cruise on a foil with the 121L or rotate your first forward loop on the 111L, an amazing experience for any level rider. Come back to the beach with the biggest smile and a taste for more!