Flying Camel 145 ELITE FLEX


Take it to the max and more!
Compact, light, and made to kill the FC145 SL/Speed Pro is the most fun high-tech shape we created for the 2022 season!

The free fast feeling of this board is just incredible. Made to take you foiling to the next level and beyond.

Try this board and you’ll never want to get off the water. We guaranty this!
Some of the features: Thin and compact combined with convex bottom shape allows amazing freedom and speeds while super quick take-off.

The deck rail shape should lead to a perfect stance and pressure on the board by the rider. The rail shape is angled perfectly. Deck concave at mast track area improves control by placing the mast
base lower.

Board is shorter for better aerodynamics and speed. Aerodynamic shape is tested by cutting-edge computer airflow programs. Narrow nose for max speed yet big bottom V shape at the nose to ensure easy touchdowns and calean bounce backs.

Unmatchable metallic finished paint job


SAIL SIZES4,0 – 8,0