Dark Horse 107 FR Elite Flex



The DH 97 is a perfectly fine-tuned high wind racing machine. Long, carved outline nose to tail enables very tight entrance into turns, fast exit, and maximum ease of sail.

For the new 2022 DH 97 we bring back to the deck concave which had to be combined with correct perfectly designed tail cutouts.
The result was an increase of top speed, control and jibing ability
The board does not move around also in the strongest of wind gusts.
It has the perfect amount of rail in the water due to the deck being concave and has great lift and acceleration while entering a wind hole.

Results – The DH97 can handle crazy amounts of wind while maintaining tremendous amounts of control. Yet a fin or sail change, will bring this board back to life and cover some surprisingly light winds for its size with unbeatable speed.

Just like any FF race board the metallic finish and paint job are unmatchable
Remark – accurate tail cut-out testing was performed measuring clean water exit and flow. The team is using ‘’on board’’ and drone cameras as well as water flow programs and physical testing at the FF custom factory.



SAIL SIZES5,0 – 7,8
(Perfect for 5,0 – 7,0)
BOXShort Tuttle

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